Sanako TILT Show – Creative use of Poetry in MFL

28 Oct

Sanako TILT show Poetry

ALL Goethe Event – Poetry in MFL

14 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 19.35.36


Here are the slides and accompanying poems F G Sp as promised.


Please do use any of the materials in any in-house staff training but please credit the work to Suzi Bewell.

If you have a spare minute please leave a comment below t let me know what you found most / least useful / interesting etc. 

Please also note that the work is copyrighted to me and if you intend to deliver any training outside of a school setting (including the use of individual ideas or materials) or indeed for money then you must seek permission in advance in writing.  Email details below.

The 10 minute guide should be ready by the end of next week, time permitting!


ALL Goethe June 15 POETRY


userfssb1011w2kpoem fr Qui veut un C qui claque

userfssb1011w2kZwicke zwacke

photo 1-2 photo 1-3 photo 2-2 photo 2-3 photo 2-4 photo 2-5 photo 3-2 photo 3-3 photo 3 photo 4-2 photo 4-3 photo 4 photo 5-2 photo 5

Thank you for your enthusiasm, participation and kind words.

All best wishes

Suzi for correspondance


Sanako TILT Show Weds 8th October 2014

7 Oct

Please find below the PPT and related resources from today’s presentation.


See also

Please feel free to share with colleagues back in school and in your local networks.

Do get in touch if I can help in any way.

Storytelling using Visual Narratives : LEAP Online CPD

17 Sep

Basic CMYK



On Saturday last week my colleague Liz Black and I spent the day in Walsall with the lovely people from LeapOnline

We spent the day learning all about how to use visual narratives in a languages context as part of an ongoing funded project called My Story.

We looked specifically at using iMovie and ComicLife apps for iPad.

We had an amazing day and you can find my notes and the accompanying handouts attached.  Please excuse the terrible drawings … art is not my forte, clearly!

See also a flyer for LeapOnline CPD courses including Erasmus+ funded immersion courses for all sectors from Primary to HE.

Emilia and her team will talk you through the application process should you need further help or support in applying.


Wishing you a wonderful first term back in school.

Keep fighting the good MFL fight!


Visual Narratives


World Party! The New NC for Languages …

9 Sep

Here is the article I wrote over the summer for Teach Secondary magazine (well worth subscribing to) about the wonderful opportunities afforded to us by the new NC. There has been quite a bit of negative press about languages and transition etc in the papers over the last week or two but I remain upbeat. Look at the freedoms, the chance to teach creatively, the importance of IU, the use of authentic texts…it really makes me wish I spent more time in the classroom than I currently do!

Happy reading and as always your comments are welcome below.


World Party Article P1

World Party article P2

ALL Sheffield Languages Literacy and ICT Friday 20 June 2014

19 Jun


Here is my presentation from today ALL Sheffield literacy-languages-and-ict final

As it is nice to share, here are some other useful PPTs and resources which are linked to today’s talk but which I do not have time to talk about… (IFRU Primary French Project – look out for Niveau Multiclore in Autumn-Winter term 2014)

authentic-literary-materials Alex


the art of storytelling

French and overt IU Diana K


Comments welcomed.


MFL Show n Tell York #2 Sign Up Sheet (#mflsatyork2)

2 Jun

Passion aka Home Baked or Sliced?

23 May

I’m sat here on the train back North after a week long mission to see as many Embrace gigs as possible. I’ve even been accused of being a stalker and of having a mid life crisis. Is 38 middle aged??? The French call it ‘la crise des quarante ans’ so surely not!

I also had a tattoo done of the famous tally from the new self titled Embrace album and not many people get it! I also forget how young some of my students at the Uni are as I’m often met with ‘Embrace. Who are they?’ Heathens!

So it has got me thinking about passion. I’m a passionate person generally speaking and I’d like to think I have a ‘fire in my belly’ about most things. I’m not someone who does things that matter to me half heartedly and I’m an optimist too.

They say like attracts like ( watch the Secret DVD or clips from YouTube) and I’m a strong believer in this concept. I like being around passionate people who are overtly excited by their jobs, lives, hobbies, interests, music…

When I’m not listening to, talking about or watching Embrace I train teachers. Languages are another one of my passions.

My external examiner this year who came to quality assure what I do sent me the most thoughtful text after her visit. In it she said :

“On the train having a nice dinner! I had such a great time, Suzi. It was so interesting to see how your course works and observe K and A. Talking to you is always great as your enthusiasm is amazing. Your trainees and mentors know and appreciate what you do and couldn’t have spoken more highly of you and L which didn’t surprise me at all. You do a fantastic job! Thanks for making my visit so enjoyable.”

Her text made my week for several reasons. (It made me cry if truth me known.) For one, I liked that she had had a great day and that she felt so positive and passionate about it. Two, I agreed with her – I too had had a great day. Three, she talked about my enthusiasm … She recognised that it’s a job but actually it’s more than that to me.

Embrace are a band, some would argue, like many others. But let’s be clear…They are not. They make me feel 16 again. They clearly love what they do and they can see how much they mean to their fans. They respectfully and consistently show their fans how much they mean to them and often set up sneaky cheeky secret gigs. That rocks big time! They are totally awesome live. It sounds cheesy and American but it’s the only word that hits the mark. They totally make my life better.

In my church there is a motto Love Living Live Loving. Enough said.

So Home baked or Sliced?

There are plenty of folk who are happy to go with whatever is easiest, whatever creates the least fuss, anything for an easy life. They take their bread shop bought and sliced.

How many of you reading this are the total opposite? Using the bread analogy, you’re more of a Home baked type. It takes time and effort and energy to be passionate but we only get one chance at this life so let’s make the most of it!

Being just 4ft11 I’m more of a milk loaf myself…home made bien sûr!







#NTENRED NTEN Research Ed Conference, 3 May 2013, Huntington School, York

3 May

Research Ed Huntington 3 May 2014 SB


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Network for Languages – The New NC

1 Nov

Here is my presentation from the Network for Languages event on 22 Oct here at the University of York.

I tried unsuccessfully to email this to you but for the most part the file was too large and bounced back.

Thank you for attending this event – we hope to see you for future events.


Literacy Languages and ICT – the New NC for KS3 languages