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Using ICT creatively in MFL

28 Oct

Here are my session notes on Using ICT creatively in MFL.  They form part of a series of seminars I am planning to deliver on “Putting the MODERN (ICT/web 2.0) and FOREIGN (Intercultural Understanding) into Modern Foreign Languages”*.  

I hope you find them useful.


* Thanks Joe Dale for the idea for the title!

Creative Use of ICT – 10 top tips for (trainee) teachers

24 Oct

I have been asked to deliver 1h15 worth of training on the creative use of ICT to over 130 PGCE trainees tomorrow.  In a weird way, I am actually quite looking forward to it.

Here are the slides I will be using and a few related PowerPoint presentations (Challenge Mr T Health – French, a couple of ready made PowerPoint Timers which I came across.)  

As always your feedback is most welcomed.  

Happy half term!  Suzi 

PS Just spotted a glitch – the first document is 37 slides long but Scribd only shows the first 13.  To see the rest, you will need to download the whole document.  Apologies.


Techniques for Language Learning

21 Oct

I have been asked to continue to share my PGCE session PPTs by a few people now … so here is the second installment.  

I would really appreciate it if you could spare a minute and leave me feedback as a comment below so that I can see if this stuff is useful to a wider audience than I first anticiapted.  



AT1 Listening PGCE MFL Session PPT

19 Oct

As an experiment, (under duress from various Twitter friends), I have decided to put out one of my sessions from the PGCE MFL and see if it is of any use to anyone.

Your feedback would be most welcome.



Having checked with the wonderfully talented and generous Clare Seccombe, here is an additional handout on AT1 which she has kindly shared. I think it compliments the PowerPoint I produced rather well.  Great minds and all that…




19 Oct
Welcome to my ramblings at Petite Pipelette.  Since leaving the classroom and embarking on a very exciting new adventure in MFL teacher training, I have really missed blogging.  I found it to be quite addictive in fact and especially liked the sharing element of having a blog.  

I guess this shiny new blog is going to be more reflective than the previous ones ( and ), as my audience has shifted from teaching pupils to teaching prospective teachers.  

Whoever you are and whatever brings you here, I hope you find something you like and something that will save you some time.  

Suzi Bewell
MFL PGCE Curriculum Area Leader
The University of York

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