Talk and Thought

4 Nov

I have just got back from church and was inspired by the leader Rich’s speech about how we register what others are saying to us.  I learned tonight that, on average, we speak at about 300 words per minute but that we can think at up to approx. 500 words per minute.  I googled this as soon as I got back to “chez Bewell” and found the following: 

So what is the purpose of this brief blog post?

1. I guess tonight’s discovery just made me even more aware of how difficult the art of listening is in general, never mind in a foreign language.  It is hard to block out the background talk that goes on in all of our heads whilst someone is talking, especially if that self talk / thought is saying “I can’t do this”, “It’s too hard”, “I’m rubbish at languages” etc.

2. Not only that, but I realise increasingly how important it is to give our learners the time and space required to share their thoughts and vocalise the learning processes that they go through.

There you go…

Bonne nuit,



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