The Languages Show 2010 – Part 2

5 Nov

I mentioned the wonderful Russell Stannard in yesterday’s post about the Languages Show 2010 and I am going to blog today about the 6 other websites he mentioned, some of which I have yet to try.

1. The first one is which I am sure most of you are au fait with.  The lovely @spanishsam has produced a great guide to using Wordle in MFL T&L which you can find here:

2. – a fab site which allows you to copy and paste text and create word magnets.  I have used this a few times but it was great to be reminded of its potential.  Particularly good for word order and when trying to stress where the verb goes in a sentence, negation etc.

3. Free quality flashcards can be found here: – a site for teachers of EFL but as the cards contain no writing they are great for all teachers of languages and will save you hours of time creating your own!

4.  – masses of vocabulary arranged by theme (e.g. the body) in a whole range of languages WITH AUDIO.  I came by this site a long time ago – another forgotten gem.

5. I mentioned yesterday (one of my trainees admitted today that she is also using it to keep in touch with her partner who works away a lot – bless!) and another similar site is  This works in a similar way to but allows you to video yourself providing you are hooked up to a webcam.  And for free. Cool.  Create your recording and mail it to your chosen recipients.  Couldn’t be simpler.

6. is brilliant.  We used this in University the other day during a session on the creative use of ICT in MFL.  The trainees (or your learners) can live comment on the lesson as it is happening – maybe to share ideas/resources – and their comments appear in real time.  The website works in a similar way to Etherpad / Primarypad for those in the know.  You, the teacher, set up a ‘meeting’ and share the address with your learners and off you go!

You can see an example here: 

That’s all for today.  More to follow.  If you try any of these sites out and find them useful, please let me know by leaving a brief comment.

A plus, Suzi




One Response to “The Languages Show 2010 – Part 2”

  1. Marko Bespalyj November 7, 2010 at 12:15 pm #

    great stuff – thanks

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