The Languages Show 2010 – Part 4

11 Nov

Ok, deep breath! This could turn out to be quite a long post as there still remains lots to mention about this year’s brilliant Languages Show 2010.


1. Joe Dale – CPD and PLNs 

Below are the main points I took away from Joe’s super session:



2. ENLP – Energetic Neuro Linguistic Programming

Speaker: Marcia Gladwin

Mr Bewell is a trained coach and Master Practitioner of NLP so I was definitely keen to go to this talk to see how our 2 worlds collide!

Here is a brief summary of the brilliant session:


  • ENLP – 1985, Art Giser
  • ‘ENLP helps to clear limiting thoughts and beliefs, negative feelings, fears, doubts, past experiences and create a positive, supportive energetic learning environment.’
  • We discussed the skills, abilities and emotions we would like our learners to have e.g. confidence, calm, resourcefulness and  focus to name a few.
  • Marcia suggested the need to add ‘emotional states’ to your lesson plan.  An interesting idea, I felt.
  • THOUGHTS ARE THINGS! How many times have you walked into a lesson thinking ‘Oh no, set 4. They are going to be climbing the walls as usual.  I sense I’m going to have a hard time of it today’. And how often has this turned out to be a self fulfilling prophecy?
  • Ask yourself before entering any lesson ‘Am I engaging in helpful thoughts or hindering thoughts?’ ‘What message am I emitting to my learners?’ ‘Is my energy likely to affect the lesson in a positive or negative way?’
  • We discussed the need for an increased awareness of the energy we give off.  Children are responsive to our energies.  Teenagers in particular are hypersensitive so we need to do what we can to create a feel-good atmosphere in the classroom irrespective of how we are ACTUALLY feeling.
  • The speaker also talked about VISUALISATION techniques, the conscious and the subconscious and how we can create positive pictures, feelings and thoughts in our mind’s eye to create a more positive learning environment.

The website for further information is:

You can contact Marcia by phone on: 07792605920


3. MFL Show and Tell – by teachers for teachers


On Saturday late afternoon, a room full of super enthusiastic language teachers gathered to stand up for approximately 2 mins each to share something with their fellow colleagues.  The energy in the room was great and lots of ideas were generated including: 


  • Vicky was very brave and got up first and talked about the collaborative website that
  • Walking the time line (tenses in MFL)
  • Double club resources which combine MFL and sport
  • TTV programme about the Double Club
  • Verb tennis: Person A Je vais  Person B Tu vas  Person A Il va etc.
  • Chris Fuller ( spoke enthusiastically about the joys of podcasting and new technologies to motivate language learners.  website
  • Mark Purves spoke about using backing tracks to create music in the foreign language.  Examples of tracks he has produced can be found on his wonderful website                                   
  • 3 Websites Mark mentioned to source backing tracks included: and
  • Isabelle Jones talked about using images to prompt speaking in MFL and made reference to sites such as google images and flickr. 
  • Prim got up and gave us an awesome rendition of the prepositions song to the tune of Compton Races.

I went away from this particular session smiling and in awe of all the creativity.  It genuinely made me feel proud to be part of such a lovely, sharing community of linguists.

4. CLIL – the talk of the conference.

This one is so vast, to do it justice I will have to leave it for another day…


Hope this has given you a flavour of what was a brilliant conference.

Always learning!






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