For Teachers By Teachers – Marvellous MFL Show and Tell, Oldham

14 Nov


Wowsers!  What a weekend.  Here is a summary of the wonderful day of sharing and inspiration that was the MFL Show and Tell in Oldham yesterday.  As predicted, we had an awesome day and all involved came away brimming with ideas and desperate to get back into their classrooms to trial some of the brilliant ideas and resources.  Myself and my 3 trainees included!  Isabelle Jones, you are Wonder Woman personified.


NB Accompanying photos and PPTs will be added to this post over the coming week.


There were 15 presenters in total, chosen at random using random name generator. 


First up, much to her surprise (as she had only just walked through the door) was the fantastic Marie-France Perkins who had come up to Manchester all the way from…BATH!  Now that is commitment to your profession.


1.Marie France Perkins

@Marie-France on Twitter 


Finding authentic resources on the net 


Marie-France firstly asked us to consider 2 important questions:

1. What is the goal of my lesson and the needs of my students?

2. How do I locate the correct materials?


She spoke about using the Internet and various searches to uncover wonderfully authentic materials for use in French lessons, in the way that 10 years ago we, as languages teachers, would fill our car boots with tourist brochures, food containers, etc. on returning from a ‘holiday’ to the TL country!


Things to search for included:


Ministere de la santé et des sports


Medicins sans frontiers, , Oxfam France

Political parties e.g. les verts (l’environnement , le nucléaire)


Le chateau de Versailles , le Louvre – websites which offer virtual tours without leaving the comforts of your classroom

 French supermarkets and hypermarkets

French Wikipédia

Online media such as the website – great for short reading texts

 Live radio stations and TV

 Fantastic for online video clips in French


2. Marie O’Sullivan



Prompts for speaking 


The Hat!

Random name / question generator which allows the teacher to randomly pull out individual names and also pairs


Quiz Quiz Trade 

Pupils are given a piece of card containing a questions and helpful answer prompts (to assist their partner)

Pupils pair up then ask both of their questions using the answer prompts only if their partner needs them.

Pupils then swap questions with each other and then swap pairs.

This keep going on and on…giving pupils the opportunity to ask and answer lots of questions


Rally robin!

30 seconds each silent thinking time then work in pairs (shortest little finger), pupils pair up and ask and answer questions.


3. Chris Harte (on Skype)



SOLO TAXONOMY – visible learning


Chris was entertaining as always but with a very serious message about learning.

He talked about how the NC (and we as teachers) put fences up to learners – particularly in relation to levels

Biggs Solo Taxonomy – search on Google

Diagram (photo) – the different stages of learning

prestructural – unistructural – multistructural – relational – extended


e.g. French past perfect tense

Learning is messy – this is a good thing!

Making links is vital for real (deep) learning to take place!

No links = causes problems

Applying the learning to other tenses

Link to gender


A good book to read is Geoff Petty – Evidence based Teaching – a useful website linked to SOLO taxonomy


4. Mary Cooch



Using Moodle to connect students of English and Spanish


Mary spoke about the joys of moodle and highlights included:

Photoshop Tennis (with speech bubbles) – pupils take it in turns to add a photo and speech bubble and next person adds for a collaborative story.


5. Esther Mercier





Download the educational version of Songsmith – it’s ace!

50s rock, salsa etc. – play with tempo

Esther performed her brilliant Daily routine song – sound file to follow!


6. Kath Holton

@Kath52 – Kath’s terrific T&L wiki 



Things to look into… – an alternative to PPT, a bit like – a games generator, a bit like

 7. Fiona Joyce

@wizenedcrone – wiki full of ready-made Storybirds


Storybird for storytelling


Fiona talked about the brilliant website for generating teacher and pupil stories.

Link on Clare Seccombe’s fab blog – reasons for using Storybird

New features on Storybird to include tag typing



8. Vanessa Parker


PPT Creative Ideas to Engage Students


Wow what this lady doesn’t know about PPT is not even worth knowing.

Vanessa is going to share her PPT about PPT at a later date – watch this space!


9. Helena Butterfield



Etwinning and MFL


Helena spoke with great passion and gusto about the benefits of connecting classrooms using the Etwinning website.  She told us all about her exciting, award winning projects to date.  I am looking forward to reading about Michel the bear’s adventures…if he ever leaves her classroom for his travels! (LOL)


10. Dom McGladdery



Like, totally random…


Dom was great.  As always.  He showed us his Mug of doom containing lolly sticks with pupils’ names on which he uses to randomly select his victims! Fnar fnar… – PPTs to download which randomly genrate names, questions etc. (Press S for stop.) Looks cool!

Virtual dice – google this!

Also Talking Dice from  – £6 for a pack of 6 or for the cheapskates amongst us Talking dice with normal dice!

PPT Alchemy – PPT spinner


11. Joe Dale

@joedale – fabulous life changing blog!


WWW – Wikis, Widgets and Working Together


Lots of audience participation in this one …


Joe ran a training session for this school and based on his day visit we looked at the following web tools for MFL: for collaboration e.g. from amazing Amanda Salt

CoverItLive CIL (looks good – a bit like

Set up a/c – book meeting – like msn text chat – BINGO!


Joe runs ICT, blogging and podcasting courses across the UK – get booked on.  You know it makes sense!


12. Alex Bellars



Low Tech Loveliness


Alex has an English circle! And slippers – English slippers!  Pupils are only allowed to speak English here!  Genius.

Talking alarm clock

Using Duplo bricks to help pupils get the hang of word order – am definitely trying this one!

What colour is a verb? (red) and other parts of a sentence

Mallet – Grammar Hammer – getting me one of these too!!!


13. Clare Seccombe



Mini books 

Clare showed us how she had taken inspiration from a series of books “My first bilingual little Readers’

Using mini whiteboards to record pupils’ ideas – hungry caterpillar story transformed into the Hungry Monster!

For more see Clare’s delightful delicious bookmarks here:



14. Isabelle Jones



My top 7 apps for French


Dixel and Bescherelle – pay for these but v useful

Student reference (help pupils to check spelling of numbers)

France Radio Recorder

French Music Update – Music Top 100s SKYPACK

Lyrics World – ‘Alors on danse’ example given (Download app – lyrics and link to youtube clip,  quick to do a gap fill exercise)

Appbzr TOP APPS France UK etc.


15. Suzi Bewell

@suzibewell and


The Importance of Intercultural Understanding


See previous blog post for my contribution.




This little lot should keep you going a while.


Suzi šŸ™‚



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