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The Importance of Intercultural Understanding

22 Feb

Gosh it has been a while since I blogged – I joke that I could do with a clone, but I’m not sure if I am actually joking or being serious!!!

A busy life is a happy life, isn’t that how the saying goes?


I spoke about the Importance of Intercultural Understanding at the fabulous Links into Languages ICT conference earlier this month and have been meaning to add links to some of the useful videos and books I mentioned in my session.


I will add to this over the coming weeks, but here is the book list and a few thought provoking You Tube videos which links with the rights of the child and specifically to the right to an education.  If you haven’t seen the website for 1 Goal, Send my Sister to School then you really should. 

Video links:

le Droit à l’éducation – Les petits citoyens


One Minute: Classroom in a village – Une classe dans un village – Senegal Africa


Les rêves de Juanita – Plan Belgique


Je ne suis qu’une fille

Les ambitions des filles – UNICEF




(published by MILAN JEUNESSE, sourced from )

Les écoles du monde 

L’eau dans le monde

Les familles du monde

De toi à moi

J’habite ici

Les jeux du monde (currently unavailable)

Les maisons du monde, Stéphanie Ledou


I am working my way through all the different rights and linking them to typical KS3 / GCSE topics so watch this space.  Next themes are most likely to be SHELTER, PLAY and FOOD/DRINK.


Happy half term, folks.

Suzi Bewell

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