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24 Sep




Session 1


Mark Purves – Singing Tribes

The session started with a song about body parts to a catchy jig.

Song is an accelerator and helps language to stick!  It lifts your mood.  Fact!

Mark suggested injecting short bursts of music into your lesson at various points.

We were shown some simple breathing exercises which focus on pulling in the stomach and opening up the throat.

Mark suggested reading ‘How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything’ by Ken Robinson who is a big fan of creativity in the classroom.

Mark also had us on our feet for a second and final time and showed us how he sings praise phrases with actions to his pupils.

They all sang ‘Fantastique Suzi!’, with a wiggle to boot!  I went pink!  I think Chris Harte has photographic evidence….


Session 2


Sam Lunn – Routines and Maximum TL

Spanish Sam presented a high energy session entirely in Spanish showing how to teach opinions.  It transpired that she does this every lesson as part of her register routine.  I think she may need a long lie down at the end of the day!!!



Session 3


Lynn Smith – Thinking Skills

Lynn Smith presented a session on thinking skills and the need to confuse your pupils and how letting them make mistakes can lead to better understanding in the longer term.

Ideas included odd one out, categorisation (verbs, nouns, adjectives), memory maps, de Bonos hats (facts, positive, negative, creative) – place sentences in the correct category.  Picture images can also be used and then pupils are given one of the four roles from de Bono’s hats and are asked to contribute a sentence commenting on the picture e.g. of Gerard Depardieu.  They could also create a mind map as part of the plenary to show what they have learned in today’s lesson.  Excellent ideas!


Session 4


Clare Seccombe – Story Telling in Primary

Apologies I was listening so hard, I forgot to type!  Loads of ideas and resources on Clare’s amazing website – well worth a look!


Session 5

Emma Bains – New Curriculum KS3


Westwood School

Emma presented some ideas from their new SoL e.g. a topic on Sat Nav in French. Another theme was fashion (as opposed to Clothes). There was a really nice idea for playing Cluedo in Spanish.


Session 6


Simon McLoughlin – Audioboo

Simon was winging it! He went to a party last night instead of preparing for today…good man!  Simon presented and showed us, via his class blog, how he has used it with his Primary classes.  You can see examples here: 

We also got to watch and laugh at the Joey from Friends speaking French clip – LOL!!!


Session 7

Thomas Snell, Newcastle University resources (from Newcastle University) 

Linguacast Days – visit 


Session 8


Terri Dunne – Blockbusters

The templates will go into the MFLSAT Dropbox.

Terri showed us several ways of using Blockbusters to promote speaking in the MFL lesson.


Session 9

@dominic_mcg – Fakebook Twister – fake twitter – random name generator / question generator

5.Random letter generator – wikis

7.Blogs (only works with chrome and firefox)


10.MOM – mug of misery POP – pot of participation


Love Dom’s dry presenting style – more lucky lucky pupils!


Session 8


Amanda Salt – Spanish Immersion Residential

Amanda spoke about a cheap and cheerful immersion weekend for her A level pupils. Activities include treasure hunt, DVDs, songs, quizzes and Dragon’s Den.

Sounds like an amazing experience for pupils and teachers alike.


Session 9


Alex Blagona – The story of 8B/Fr1

Demotivated, disinterested….

Asked them what they thought they needed to do to get better at French – comments posted on and set own targets.

Rate my teacher idea – Alex asked his pupils to rate his lessons and explain their ratings. Brave move, non?

Alex felt the need to change his style of teaching to suit them rather than the other way around.

The purpose of all this was to establish a dialogue with pupils.

Q. What do I need to change to help them to ‘get it’ and move on in their learning?


When marking books, Alex can respond to comments especially if this implies a lack of understanding.

Also provides feedback for parent’s evenings.

Alex can then sit pupils in particular groups so that they are separated according to ability.


Have a go!


Session 10


Joe Dale – Using QR codes in MFL

Joe’s presentation can be found here:… 

Session 11


Suzi Bewell (moi!) – Do you Vocaroo?


See the next post down on this page for my presentation.



Session 12


Isabelle Jones – Creative projects

Isabelle spoke to us via Skype about some creative projects she has been involved in in Oldham to motivate her reluctant boy learners.

She shared an impressive rap song that they had produced.  It is available in the MFLDropbox.


Session 13


Rene Koglbauer – Social Networking (Facebook) to improve boys’ writing.



Session 14


Alex Bellars – Dojo, Triptico and Lingro

Dojo:Rewards and Sanctions

At the end of the lesson, kids can see the whole class performance.  Can be downloaded and shared with form tutors and parents.

Lingro:Help with complicated reading texts

Type your website into Lingro and it will take you back to the site and add a gloss for any words you are unsure of.

Triptico: Word tiles, Class Timer, Random Group creator, Scoreboards, Question Quiz, 




Stephen Fawkes delivered by @CHarte

Food for thought via Adam Ant ‘Don’t you ever…’


Awesome day.  Feeling inspired.  Learned loads. Can’t wait to pass some of this on to my lovely new cohort!

Roll on the next one wherever it may be.




MFLSAT+ Do you vocaroo? (Speaking for HW in MFL)

23 Sep

Here is my presentation as promised.

If you need any help getting started with any of the websites, please feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to help.

All the best,