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Amelie lit ‘A la mer’

20 Dec

I have wanted to blog about this for a while but there never seems to be time…

Amelie my daughter, 6, has 2 English parents … I always say that I dreamt of having a French husband and bilingual kiddies running around my Parisian home, and then I met Mr B (half English, half Norwegian), fell head over heals and the rest is history.

I was still determined to give both of my children a head start in languages and with the help of Andre and Nadege, our amazing French nounous, Amelie and Gabriel (now 4) were exposed to French 3 days a week for about 2 years until the time came for them to start school.

I wondered if we would keep the French going (and it hasn’t been easy) but we have…Amelie in particular is keen and picked up a French story book a few weeks ago and insisted that she read it to me.  Initially, I was a bit worried that her phonic awareness of French was not advanced enough but I think you will see from the clip below that I had very little to worry about.  I particularly like the confident manner in which she ends the video!!!

Amelie has only just learned to read in English so I think that her early exposure to French has a lot to do with her accent and seemingly ‘natural’ ability to decode the French sounds.  My head spins if I think about it too much…

I am a very proud mummy and I am sure Amelie would love to hear what you think of her French storytelling. She LOVED being videoed toinght and I am sure there will be more to come!

Thanks in advance for your comments – they will make her day.

Suzi x