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Excellent CPD opportunity in Nottingham for Languages Teachers

17 Jan

Dear all

I wil be speaking at this conference and said that I would promote it as it is going to be an amazing day filled with inspiring talks which will hopefully give you that well needed boost in the cold, wintery months…where even I lack enthusiasm some days!!!






ICT session – PGCE MFL Partnership CPD

16 Jan


Please find below the direct hyper links for today’s session. I hope this will be of real value to you and I would appreciate your feedback (below in the form of a comment or as an email ).
There is a lot more CPD to be had on this blog from the many training opportunities I have over the last 2 years – I also hope that this may be of use to you.
If you have any further teaining needs or requests, don’t be shy, ask away!
Maybe we can run a further session in the summer term, say mid June?
Have a great session!
Suzi and Team MFL PGCE helpers

Amelie lit ‘Je m’habille et je te croque!’

8 Jan

Amelie is very fond of this book and today wanted to be recorded reading this, her second story. This is a great one for early language learners focussing on clothes and there are quite a few tricky sounds to exploit too.

What I find particularly interesting is that even at age 6, after only being taught how to read and recognise the link between sound and spelling quite recently (compared to most of the secondary age pupils I taught), Amelie still sometimes struggles to remember that ‘an’ is pronounced with a nasal sound unlike in English.  What amazes me further is that she is already able to self correct…and actually gets quite cross with herself when she pronounces it wrong!!!  See how she shakes the book in frustration.

It is also interesting to note that Amelie is so used to NOT pronouncing final silent consonants when she reads them that she says ‘mon t-shir(t)’ dropping the final ‘t’ – this is quite advanced for a 6 year old, I feel.


Please leave her a friendly, encouraging comment below and who knows you may see more stories here soon.