#ililc2 ICT Links into Languages ICT Conference, Southampton

25 Feb

Great start with Joe Dale giving a fantastic key note called “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Box Out!”This session is being live streamed and you can find the video footage here:http://coursecast.soton.ac.uk/Panopto/Pages/Viewer/Default.aspx?id=a92de052-3…So lovely to see all of the #mfltwitterati!More laterSuzi   Session 1 Carole Nicoll – Song! Rap! Humour! Motivating ways of making your classroom rock.Teaching speaking as a group activity? Via song.It all started with Carolw taking her daughter to a boyzone conference!!! Intonation and pronunciation covered.Project with local school children in Aberdeen schools.Children are connected to music and motivated by it Baby byoncé video clip. Genius.Baby boy earning Beatles Song.Auditory cortex – stays there forever. “Korean Baby”Eddie Izzard – French clip.Now for some joining in…Football song in SpanishBody Parts in Italian Buenos días. Buenas tardes.Pencil case action song French. (give me hope in my heart keep me singing)Available to download and buy on iTunes.Every song has a Karaoke version.Comedy value in the form of the “In my briefcase” song!!!We also watched The Choir – Urban Edit”Sense of sound.” – funky streetwise choir.Primary videos of children using their knowledge of language from songs.Colours song German. “Welche Farbe ist das? J’al les cheveux songDerrière, deviant song.Vamos Chicas.Now we are well and truly warmed up.Tears at the end of the session watching the Albert Hall clips of The Choir! Awesome. Music even reaches the tough nuts!!!Elevator clip at end – the wonders of technology.Memory recall.Www.language-factory.co.ukWww.carolenicoll.comITunes Carole Nicoll – 500 language learning songsCarole is on twitter @CaroleNicoll317Session 2I do, I understand. – Clare SeccombeTell me and I’ll forget.Show me and I may not rememberInvolve me and I’ll understand.Building on ks2 experiences – aim for smooth and seamless and built on firm foundations.Primary learning is often characterised by active learning.Clip on YouTube – passive learning.Anyone? Anyone? Anyone for some pupil led learning???Flash cards and working with a friend.Dominoes and Shape Puzzles. Help sheet for MFL teachers also available. Spanish Fiestas linked to months of year.Continuous loop. Pairs to work this out…Insert photos.Human Dominoes.Line large dominoes up on the floor.Group according to gender etc.Then as a group do the domino task.Shape puzzles using Tarsia formulator – pictures and words or sentences.Starter and Plenary puzzles also on MFL Sunderland.Mac version available! Yippee.Trash or Treeasure sorting exercise.¿tresoro o basura?Poubelle ou coffre? Insert photo – classification activity.Basic primary egs but so much potential for secondary! eg verbs and tenses.Decisions Decisions – Barbapapa in Dutch.Using trash or treasure board – what did you see on the video?Number fans and split pins – plenariescinq plus deux?Grid in rainbow colours – great assessment tool.Human graphsStand in the correct place and assess orally once students are in place.Need a large space.LinesUsing physical washing lines or standing in line with cards.Multi link cubes or duplo / LegoAmazing links to pictures and using bricks for kids to order the activities.V memorable learning.¡Zas!¡Paf!Kids splat the correct hand picture.Singing and MFLUn grand serf example with actions.”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”Changing phase siteSpanish@stpaulsIdeas educationSponsored Slots – SparklespeakBonjourMilo! Stories.Delegates get a free sample disc in #ililc2 goodie bags. 33% off during the show.Currently in French with a longer term aim of developing the stories in other languages.warm up video to enter Milo’s world.Each disc contains print outs of Milo and Amélie Characters.Lots of repetition and developed on the idea of the power of 3.Storyslider idea. This is brilliant! www.youtube.com/sparklespeakCollection of Classroom Language SongsCheap and Cheerful SongwritingStuart GorseMFL Teacher Lancaster LGS@gorseymrgorse@aol.comwww.youtube.com/mrgorseStuart’s philosophy on learning and teaching is quite something!Stuart knows what’s going down, brother…www.dicodesrimes.comStuart showed us @mfe146 Mike Elliot’s fantastic video clip called ‘La Santé”.You can find it here: http://mikeelliott.posterous.com/sante-quand-jetais-jeuneArsenal double club competition:Catchy tune, attractive prize, topical with a chorus in English around the theme of the Olympics.We then heard some extracts from Stuart’s super talented sixth form students ‘la veuve Saverini’ based on a short story (Guy de Maupassant) had read in class.The Ramones and El Pueblo – an example from Stuart’s punk rock band.Blitz Lipscreen Bop – shouty punk.Mama Mia rendition of a French song about daily routine.Green Day Good riddance – Quelles étaient les meilleures vacances de ta vie? Using backing track via karaoke version.See YouTube:This clip is fabulous! Many more YouTube clips to be found on Gorsey’s channel.Day 2Keynote José Picardo – Embracing social mediaThe nub of José’s keynote is that there has always been a reluctance to change when talking about freedom of communication – examples of the printing press, postal service , allowing calculators in lessons and even having rubbers on the ends of pencils.The Internet is not going anywhere and so we should embrace this and make the most of the tools around us.Danger – thin ice!Technology and rigour are both possible. http://www.marcprensky.com/writing/prensky%20-%20digital%20natives,%20digital…Interesting research by Prensky on Digital Natives and Digital immigrants Pupils these days are producers of social media as well as consumers these days.Is banning tech in lessons a good idea? Are there positive ways of using tech in lessons as pupils have this tech in their pockets.Twitter en 1991 – insert photohttp://nearwen.com/2012/01/twitter-en-1991/Bad behaviour (not passing for example) has always occurred – it is NOT the fault of the tools.Knock down the school walls and bridge the gap between school and home.Learning on demand.Child centred learning – adapt your teaching to the way pupils learn.Do what is right or the Learners! Technology allows you to do new things in new ways.How to get around the ‘it will never work’ mentality?Enhancement to Transformation.Voki as a gimmick. Then used for setting speaking as homework. No need to take out 2 lessons to do this with individual pupils.Dept Blog, glossier, blogging on trips, Flickr page to share photos, Facebook page, Sixth form and staff tweeters, Edmodo…Use of social media has meant that there is a big buzz about languages in José’s school.Tools used alongside good teaching.josepicardo.com and @josepicardo on Twitter


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