National Curriculum Review – have your say.

7 Feb

Please see… for the whole document.

This paragraph in particular stands out:

1.12 Proficiency in languages is vital to the future economic well-being of this country. In line with our international competitors, we have announced that we intend to make the study of a foreign language compulsory at Key Stage 2. This will enable schools to be more ambitious about teaching language in secondary school.

Raising the bar at KS3 and KS4…interesting.

Paragraph 7.3 is also worth a read and am sure will be met with whoops of delight from many a MFL teacher across the land:

The Government has already announced its intention to simplify the National Curriculum by reforming how we report progress. We believe that the focus of teaching should be on subject content as set out in the programmes of study, rather than on a series of abstract level descriptions. Parents deserve a clear assessment of what their children have learned rather than a ‘level description’ which does not convey clear information.

Your views?
If you feel strongly enough about any of the proposals then you can respond by:
How to respond by completed a form online at:, by emailing,
or by downloading a response form which should be completed and sent to: Consultation Unit, Area 1c, Castle View House, East Lane, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 2GJ.



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